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Jace0228 05-20-2019 10:07 AM

CarPlay Versus InControl

New Velar owner here. 2019, with Carplay pre-installed.

The dealer told me not to bother using InContrl in the car, just use Carplay as its better. So I get home and plug my phone in. I get an error message stating that InControl failed, my phone may be locked, etc. I OK out of that find and start CarPlay, whichis pretty cool.

I then go a few days and realize in order to get to CarPlay I need to navigate past the Incontrpol error message every single time to gt to Carplay.

#1 - Why am I getting the error at all, Id like to see how InControl works as well as Car Play
#2 - How can I change the default startup app to Carplay?

I did contact the dealer and they jsut told me that CarPlay is better and arent addressing my issue...

Any ideas?

stevo7896 02-23-2020 02:39 AM

Talk to the service manager, you might need an update. If you are getting error messages, bring it in for warranty, the easiest fix is to load android auto/apple carplay into the system. Be persistent. Incontrol is basically useless.

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