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So, I took the vehicle today back to the shop. They were able to fix the main glitches (phone system and Voice commands). The temperature glitch described above could not be replicated and the illuminated << and >> controls on the steering wheel seem to be a design change and will no longer turn off when adjusting the volume by sliding your finger over the dial.

As a bonus for the inconvenience of having to take the car for the second time in two days, I received the newest Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software free of charge, although I was told this has not been released to the general public in Canada. It will be available in 1-2 weeks from now.
So, at this time, everything looks perfect.

As far as the cold temps affecting the left side controls on the steering wheel, I believe that the newest software update + changing the whole left side assembly fixed the issue.
I left my car outside overnight when the temps outside Toronto reached -7 and in the morning, while the whole car was frozen, when I tested the audio controls and all other buttons on the steering wheel, everything was working as it should.

I would wait a few more weeks till we get a lot more days with cold temps to draw a final conclusion about the fix, but I really hope the updates really fixed the issue.
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