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Well, here is my report... Not so well
Really disappointed and it is only the first day after a complete software update.
This new release seems to have killed the following:

Phone system - although I can pair my iPhone without issues, despite that fact that I ALLOW iPhone to sync its contacts and favourites with the software controlling the vehicle, I cannot make a single phone call through the vehicle's system. When I receive calls while in pairing mode, I cannot use the phone's speaker and have to keep it to my ear.

I am not able to see the contacts through the vehicle. I never had a single issue before this software update. If the Radio/XM Radio is on when I make a phone call through my phone (while being connected through the bluetooth), the Media keeps playing (radio or satellite for instance), my phone dials the number but you cannot hear ANYTHING on the phone or vehicle until you disconnect the phone from the vehicle or when you click the Speaker button on the iPhone and select anything other the Range Rover Velar.

Voice command button on the steering wheel is dead. Not triggering anything when pressed. It used to work before the software update.

The lights illuminating the << and >> controls on the steering wheel remain lit when the volume is changed by sliding the finger over the capacitor dial. Before the software update these two controls used to turn off immediately when they sensed a volume change while sliding the finger over. Not sure if this is a design change in the new software or a glitch. The volume still changes, regardless

Something to do withe the temperature control on the Touch Duo Pro - it only happened once today
Not in SYNC mode
Vehicle running on a highway for more than 40 minutes

Trying to change driver's temp from 20 to 23 degrees, I started receiving cold air. Left it for about 2 minutes
Then I decided to use the SYNC button to see what will happen. This immediately triggered the air to change from cold to hot. Could not reproduce this behaviour again.

So, not a good start. Will see what happens in the morning as the temps plunged to minus and this used to affect the volume controls on the steering wheel

Messaged the dealer. Waiting for the next steps
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