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I understand the need to be a front runner when it comes to new technology, but not at the expense of safety and possibly costing human lives.

In any case, the truck is in the shop now and I was told there was a recall already (although I did not get ANY notification from my dealer or HQ) for the left side controls of the steering wheel. I cannot see that info anywhere online. There are 3 recalls. I was not notified of any

The other reported issues are still being investigated (Gearbox Fault warning and being stuck in the third gear) and a few other reboots and losing some of the screens while driving the truck (for this last one, they actually said there is a software update).
I was told there was a software update available for my truck and that either today or tomorrow, the most recent version of software is being released to the general population and they might put that on my truck.
Will see what they find out.
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