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The Range Rover Velar Is A Technological Showcase


Over the years Range Rover products have become technological showcases and during this current transformational period for the brand, the all-new Velar takes it to a new level. Even with all its woes since launch, technology is one strong category that'll win you over, feeling as if it were a flagship product especially on the inside. Making this possible are features like; the elegantly integrated Touch Pro Duo Infotainment system. subtle steering wheel controls that house most necessary media functions, an interactive driver display with exceptional convenience built in, and many more that make the Velar a true Range Rover product.

Touch Pro Duo, our standard dual touchscreen system, allows the user to simultaneously view and interact with multiple features at once. This gives the flexibility to use the system more efficiently while viewing all of the information required. For instance, you can use the navigation system in the upper screen while playing media on the lower screen.

The unique hidden-until-lit switches on the steering wheel reduce the number of controls within the cabin. These capacitive switches accomplish a host of functions that you want the vehicle to perform. Regularly used features such as media and phone can now be fully operated from the steering wheel controls in combination with the Interactive Driver Display.

With ultra-sharp resolution delivering smooth curves and sharp edges, the optional upgraded Interactive Driver Display features a high-definition 12.3" screen. You can interact directly with the display and control your media, make and receive phone calls and select features to populate your view. You can choose from 5 different views: Dual gauges, Single gauge, Full Map, Media or Driver Assistance view.

This optional system features two 8" screens in the headrests and can play movies or audio. Each screen is controlled independently. The system has two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI and Mobile High-Definition Link that supports most smartphones, tablets or other devices. Two sets of WhiteFire® connected headphones and a wireless remote are also provided.

Land Rover InControl Remote is a multifunction app that allows you to monitor and interact with the Range Rover Velar from your smartphone or smart watch. Through the app, remotely start the engine to precondition the climate; lock and unlock the vehicle; locate your Range Rover Velar on a map or by using the beep and flash function; and track your journeys.

Land Rover InControl® features are taken further in the Range Rover Velar by providing optional Connect Pro services, technologies and applications for the very highest level of connectivity, convenience and infotainment. Features include InControl Apps,16 InControl Remote & Protect™ and Pro Services, including Wi-Fi Hotspot.
Source: Range Rover USA


While the cabin features the latest in connective technology, a lot is happening throughout very fundamental but essential areas of the Velar that most owners overlook. Common among other current and future JLR products (ex. Jaguar F-Pace) is a lightweight aluminum architecture that is claimed to have "optimum strength and greater efficiencies", hopefully this paves the way for a range-topping Velar SVR that's desperately needed. Similar to its architecture, the new ingenium engine lineup is also all-aluminum and claimed to "enhance every aspect of performance and fuel economy". Overall, this amounts to a competitive edge that puts JLR products ahead of the pack, especially as we touch on performance.

Ingenium is the up-to-the-minute generation of all-aluminum engines by Land Rover. Lighter, more fuel-efficient and powerful than its predecessors, it utilizes cutting-edge innovations, such as the Continuous Inlet Variable Valve Lift system, to enhance every aspect of performance and fuel economy.

The aluminum architecture of the Range Rover Velar has been designed for optimum strength and greater efficiencies. High-strength alloy sides and high-density damping panels are incorporated along with a rear dynamic stiffening brace.

The Land Rover iGuide app — a mobile owner’s manual — uses the latest augmented reality technology to explain all the need-to-know features and controls of your Range Rover Velar and ensure you always have the answer to any question on hand.
Source: Range Rover USA


Innovations found throughout the Velar's architecture and engine options are complemented by its range of other advanced components and systems like; an Adaptive Dynamics system that continuously adjusts damper settings with hundreds of real time data inputs, a Dynamic Stability Control system that ensures the Velar doesn't deviate from driver inputs for a balanced ride, Roll Stability Control that greatly minimizes the chance of rollover even under hard cornering, and Torque Vectoring for even torque distribution when putting the Velar through its paces.

This optional system is designed to deliver a flat ride and optimum control by monitoring body and steering movements up to 500 times a second. It reacts to driver and road inputs by offering continuously variable damper settings between soft and firm extremes.

Dynamic Stability Control monitors the vehicle’s dynamic behavior and is designed to intervene if it determines the vehicle is not responding to the driver’s inputs. It helps ensure the Range Rover Velar delivers a connected, balanced and sure-footed drive — one that you will relish both on- and off-road.

Roll Stability Control is integrated with Dynamic Stability Control and is designed to reduce the possibility of rollover, while providing capability to steer around an obstacle or another road user. It monitors the vehicle motion and cornering forces to detect any potential risk of rollover. If any risk is detected, braking is applied to the outside front wheel to reduce any forces that decrease stability.

Torque Vectoring by Braking is designed to deliver controlled, responsive cornering, working in conjunction with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics. Together they balance the distribution of engine torque between the four wheels, making the vehicle poised and sure-footed.
Source: Range Rover USA


With capability on and off road being a strong point for Range Rover/Land Rover products, its no surprise that among all the other flagship like features that capable technology has been prioritized. Fortunately, even owners that opt for a base Velar will get the award-winning Terrain Response® system that adjusts to specific types of terrain with selectable driving modes, but Terrain Response® 2 (optional) is where the Velar really shines. Other key technologies include; Active Rear Locking Differential, Low Traction Launch, Electronic Air Suspension, Advanced Tow Assist and Hill Descent Control.

The optional Active Rear Locking Differential optimizes traction on low-traction surfaces, both on-road and off. It does so by controlling the slip between the left and right wheels on the rear axle.

On slippery surfaces such as grass and snow, torque can be balanced between the front and rear wheels to enhance traction. In extreme conditions where only the front wheels have traction, up to 100 percent of engine torque can be distributed to the front wheels for optimum grip.

A competent, composed drive is enhanced by the latest four-corner electronic air suspension system†, providing exceptional wheel articulation and poise. Capable of taking on tough situations, this system is designed to keep the Range Rover Velar stable on rough terrain. For increased ride quality, it switches heights seamlessly when necessary.

Standard on all Range Rover Velar models, our unique Terrain Response® systems enable the driver to optimize the vehicle’s engine, gearbox, center differential and chassis systems to match the demands of the terrain by selecting from driving modes such as Rock Crawl and Sand. Terrain Response® 2 is an option that takes the capabilities of the award-winning system to a new level. Terrain Response® 2 features an automatic setting that monitors current driving conditions and systematically selects the most suitable terrain setting.

Optional Advanced Tow Assist helps you control the direction of your trailer when reversing. Using the Terrain Response® 2 reconfigurable rotary dial via the Touch Pro controls, the system steers the vehicle to achieve the desired trailer trajectory, as displayed on the touchscreen.

Hill Descent Control (HDC®) technology patented by Land Rover assists the driver with controlled descents of difficult slopes. It does so by maintaining a constant speed and applying braking to each wheel. Hill Start Assist, which also comes as standard, is designed to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward as it pulls away on an incline.
Source: Range Rover USA

Driver Aids

While not all that stand out like the more unique Range Rover features noted above, a host a standard driver aids keep the Velar up to par with the rest of the industry. Although standard issue among most rival brands, the level of enhanced safety and confidence these bring can't be stressed enough. For Model Year 2018, the Velar gets an Emergency Braking system that detects potential collisions from 3 mph, a Lane Keep Assist system that applies torque when changing lanes, Front and Rear Parking Aids and a Rear Camera.

If a potential collision is detected between 3 and 50 mph (City & Urban), and 3 and 37 mph (Pedestrian), the Emergency Braking system displays a warning, giving you time to take action. If no action is taken, the system is designed to apply the brakes.

Detecting when your vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of the lane, Lane Keep Assist applies torque to the steering wheel, encouraging you to guide your Range Rover Velar back.

This guide makes maneuvering into a parking spot easier. Activated by selecting Reverse, or via the touchscreen, Front and Rear Parking Aid features on-screen graphics and audio feedback to indicate how close you are to obstacles.

The Rear Camera provides improved visibility when reversing. Lines representing Range Rover Velar, and the projected path, appear on the touchscreen to assist with parking or hitching a trailer.
Source: Range Rover USA

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I have seen people drop the Velar for something else weeks into ownership and that ought to say a lot because the tech issues are just too much.

The Velar has a lot going on but if those things aren't operating correctly it renders all the strong points to be useless IMO.
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